Agile Bengaluru 2010


Babysteps to Agility

Agile software development methodology is sweeping the IT Industry.  Many organizations are experimenting with Agility and there are many “brands” of Agile including Scrum, XP, Lean, Crystal Clear and DSDM.  Adoption of one of these methodologies could be wholesale in the case of a small well defined project that has no dependencies on other projects and can be completely delivered by a trained and motivated team.  As these types of adoptions are rare organizations are looking for ways to ease into Agile practices without losing productivity.

This session is designed to discuss and identify ways that agile enablers can facilitate the transition to Agile practices. Participants learn basic Agile practices as well as techniques for introducing them to the software delivery team.  This session will present common software delivery problems and the Agile path to solutions.


At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Identify core Agile development practices
  • Identify delivery pain points and Agile solutions
  • Team focus and “buy-in” exercises
  • Understand Agile project metrics
  • Hold an iteration review focused on process changes


Jann Thomas is a 15+ year veteran of the software industry.  She has worked as a developer, team lead and development manager leading teams to deliver great software.  Jann has been practicing Agile development techniques in 1998 and implemented her first Agile Project in 2000.  She holds a Master’s in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s in Engineering.  She has a Project Manager Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.  In June 2004 she spoke at the International Conference on Software Process Improvement and In April 2008 she spoke at Software and System Quality Conference International.  Jann is currently working as a Program Manager for ThoughtWorks in Bangalore, India.

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