Agile Bengaluru 2010

Proposal Submission Guidelines  
If you like to present at the conference please send us your proposals to [email protected] before Dec 31st. In the email, please mention which city you would like to present (Mumbai or Bangalore or Both).

Your proposal should include the following:
  • Title and one-paragraph summary.
  • 60 mins Talk or 90 mins Tutorial/Workshop?
  • One page description about your topic. If you have presentation slides, they will get a preference.
  • For Case studies only: Your story about what happened, focusing on the most interesting and unique aspects. This is the meat of the proposal for Case studies! Again slides will get a preference.
  • Brief description of the speaker's project background using Agile
  • Speaker profile
  • Conclusions: what are the 3 key learning that your talk will communicate to the participants.
Be assured our review team will work with you to help you shape your proposal into a great presentation.
Please note: for this conference, we need to stick with the topics on the program page.

The conference is targeted at new comers to Agile.

Speaker Benefits:

According to us the biggest benefit of being is speaker is the opportunity to share your knowledge with other folks and learn from their experience. Everything else is like the icing on the cake.

ASCI is a non-profit organization and all of ASCI's activities are voluntary. Having said that,
  • ASCI will reimburse the speakers upto Rs 7000 on actuals. The amount can be used towards your travel.
  • ASCI will also try and organize your accommodation.
  • No registration fee.

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