Agile BITS 2008

  Agile BITS 08  
  Agile BITS 08 - Two day introductory workshop on Agile will be hosted by Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. The conference was planned on the 4th and 5th of Oct 2008. But due to the sudden demise of Dr. K K Birla, Chancellor BITS Pillani, the conference had to be postponed by a couple of months. As soon as the dates are finalized we'll publish them.

Agile is among the most discussed topic in the software development community these days. The traditional ways of developing software are far removed from the way businesses operate. Industry and technology move too fast, requirements change every day, competition does new things all the time, it is age of perpetual beta's and customer's customers can't wait to get hands on the software. In addition, the customers are increasingly demanding unpredictable and new product features. In addition to this, India is now experiencing the third wave of outsourcing - where innovation and value delivery is the key.

As a result, several industry practitioners have come up with a set of values, practices and methods broadly classified as Agile. Some of the most popular Agile frameworks are Scrum, XP and Crystal Clear. However, given the rise of Agile, has also given rise to many misconceptions and wrong interpretation of Agile values and practices. The purpose of this conference is to introduce Agile concepts from noted Industry Thought Leaders.

Target Audience
  - Students: interested to learn about Agile Methods from Developer and Tester's perspective  
  - Practitioners: interested in the discussion of the different methods and their applications  
  - Researchers: who may want to focus on the empirical studies and lessons learned  
  - Educators: looking to teach and learn more about Agile Methods  
  This workshop is being organized by the Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) in association with the BITS-ACM Student Chapter.  
  Talks, Tutorials and Workshops by Agile practitioners  
  Informal group discussions on topics of interest to a particular group  
  Due to the sudden demise of Dr. K K Birla, Chancellor BITS Pillani, the conference had to be postponed by a couple of months. New dates will be published soon.  
  Tentative program schedule is up.  
  For registration contact Prakhar Agrawal  

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