We have two computer labs available for the event. But the attendees are requested to bring laptops for the workshop and tutorial sessions, if possible. Also please note that no other computing resources will be provided. There will be no wireless network at the conference location.

The conference website will provide information on the tools needed for a particular workshop or tutorial. A summary of all the tools and software needed will also be posted. Links to software that can be downloaded from the Internet (open source software) will be posted.

Visual Studio 2004 will not be provided. This may be needed for at least one session.

Tools Required for Workshops
  • Eclipse
  • Marathon
  • CPPUnit

The Delegate Kit contains a CD with these and other useful tools.
However, it is preferable to have these installed on your laptops beforehand.
  This event is hosted by the PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.....  

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