Agile Mumbai 2008

Agile Overview - Proposal  

Agile Overview


The objectives of this workshop are the following:
  • Use two 45 min activities to simulate the software development cycle. One will make use of a Waterfall approach, while the other will make use of an adaptive approach to help participants experience the different outcomes of each methodology.
  • Introduce Agile as an adaptive, intuitive learning experience while cautioning participants that it is not a silver bullet. (People OVER Process.)
  • Demonstrate and emphasize the importance of communication and feedback on software projects. (Collaboration OVER Throw-It-Over-The-Wall.)
  • Assign participants to different roles that exist within a development team to help them look at software development from different perspectives and gain better understanding of and respect for team work.


Over the last decade people have experienced some pain points with the waterfall approach to software development. A lot of literature is written on the same subject. This exercise is design to introduce agile to software companies by making the participants experience these pain points through a small simulation. After demonstrating/experiencing the shortcomings of waterfall approach, a team can innovate its own light weight methodology like agile; provided they have the right environment and mindset. This workshop will help people experience this journey from a waterfall model to light weight process like agile.

At the end of the session, the participants will:
  • realize that people make projects successful and not process alone,
  • see the difference between adaptive development v/s predictive development,
  • understand the fundamental flaw with waterfall projects and realize why waterfall is not suited for software development today,
  • appreciate importance of working together over working in isolation,
  • recognize that shorter feedback cycles improve learning process and
  • be able to appreciate light weight methodologies like agile.



Intended Audience

Anyone involved with a software development team, who is new to agile and is interested in experiencing the managed chaos.

This exercise was initially designed and used to help software companies, who were considering to move to Agile, to learn/experience Agile development in action. The members of the software development teams have enjoyed and learnt aspects of Agile Software development through this activity. Though this exercise is highly recommended for agile newbie, agile practitioners can also benefit.


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