Agile Mumbai 2008

Patterns in Automated Functional Testing - Proposal  

Patterns in Automated Functional Testing

This workshop will cover the following topics/testing patterns:

  1. Tests as code which shares concerns like
    1. Duplication of code
    2. Common refactorings like: introduce parameter, rename
  2. Screen Objects which help in
    1. Removal of duplication
    2. Providing a fundamental level of abstraction
    3. Making methods easier to find by grouping them in logically
  3. Services and Entities - Entities represent Data and Services tie screen objects and entities together.
    1. Services for creating objects for use in tests: Extending Object Mother pattern.
    2. Services as collections of functions to abstract business workflows, which helps to
      1. Perform action (ex: create customer)
      2. Read action (ex: find customer)
      3. Business scenario testing (assumes that the screens work already.
      4. Enable data driven testing
      5. Avoid parameter explosion.
    3. Independent Services and service methods to ensure test independence
  4. Reporting - for each test drill down; services called, screens, etc

Format of the session :

Hands-on session (basic concepts) and Demo (advanced concepts)

Target Audience :

  1. Developers/QAs who write automated functional tests in their work
  2. This assumes familiarity with Selenium/WatiR/WatiN (If you have not used anything other than record/playback in tools like WR, QTP then, please play around with Selenium or WatiR/WatiN before you come in. )

Value (attendees acquire) :

  1. Explain patterns of organizing tests to improve maintainability
  2. Techniques that will make writing future tests easy
  3. Techniques to improve the expressiveness/readability of tests

Proposed Agenda:

Topic Time (Approx)
Introduction to the problems of automated functional testing (Excercise) 45 mins
Removing duplication and refactoring techniques (Hands on) 20 mins
Screen object pattern (Hands on/demo) 30 mins
Services/Entities pattern (Hands on/demo) 1 hour
Close/Summary 10 mts

Profile of Tutorial Presenters :

Vivek Sing serves ThoughtWorks as a Developer with nine+ years of experience in the creation of large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems. ÊHe is heavily involved in the Agile Community, consulting with companies on OO Design, patterns, testing techniques and development methodologies. His main area of recent expertise has been J2EE and Web/Servlets/JSP, C#/.NET.

Nivetha Padmanaban serves ThoughtWorks as a Quality Analyst with 9+ years of experience in testing and automation. Her expertise includes automation and framework development. She has worked with open source and commercial tools.

Past Tutorials:

This is the first time we are conducting this workshop.

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