Agile Mumbai 2008

User Stories - Proposal  

User Stories

Interested in writing user stories? In this session we will introduce user stories (10 minutes), and then move straight into learning by doing; that is, writing stories (60 minutes). We will close the session by developing a user story checklist (20 minutes).

By the end of the session you will have:
  • written stories that work for users (and not just technical people)
  • written acceptance criteria for the stories
  • planned a short-release using stories
  • .... and experienced the importance of the conversations that stories can help to generate.
But mostly you will have gained some practical experience, made some mistakes (in a safe environment) and learnt from them ... so that tomorrow you'll be in a much better position to write (effective) stories on your project.


This tutorial is aimed at anyone - but most specifically at customers, analysts and project managers - who wants to understand how to effectively create user stories on an agile project.

Angela Martin, Martin IT Consulting Limited

Angela provides agile software development consultancy, training and coaching to teams and organizations. She specializes in "building the right thing" and works closely with organizational stakeholders, end-users, business analysts and software developers to bring agility into this space.

She has over thirteen years of software development experience and has been applying agile techniques since 2003. Angela also regularly presents at a number of well-known conferences, including Agile 200x, XP200x, XP Day 200x and OOPSLA 200x and teaches the Agile Methods course within the Software Engineering Programme at Oxford University. She has just completed serving a two-year term on the Agile Alliance Board of Directors.


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