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Value-Driven Agile Adoption - Proposal  

Value-Driven Agile Adoption;
Improving your Organization's Software Development Approach

This tutorial provides its attendees with a new way to think about agile adoption efforts. The tutorial goes through important and key concepts related to agile adoption such as a value-driven approach, readiness assessments, the process of organizational change, agility assessment, and the role of coaching. As a tangible outcome from the tutorial, the audience is presented with a roadmap to agility that consists of five different levels, or steps, along with the different practices that can help an organization achieve each level of this roadmap. The tutorial includes a hands-on simulation of an agile adoption engagement. The exercise exposes the attendees to many of the challenges that occur during agile adoption efforts and provides them with insights on possible solutions for these challenges.


With the tremendous growth in popularity of agile software development, the question of whether to adopt an agile approach is quickly being replaced with the question of how best to do it. The dialogue has shifted from asking for proof that agility works to asking for guidance on how to implement agile development in specific cases.

While there is a growing number of documented successful agile adoptions, these success stories cannot easily be generalized. The need is evident for a set of generic guidelines to help organizations moving towards agility identify the right agile practices, to warn of pitfalls, to outline the order in which practices should be adopted, and to provide answers to many other questions.

Given the increasing size of the agile community, it is increasingly important that we not lose the essence of what constitutes of agile development . While organizations necessarily focus initially on agile practices, the most successful long term change occurs as people internalize the different values of agility - the true differentiator.

With this being said, this tutorial contains an intriguing, unique, and practical approach to agile adoption efforts that will help organizations beyond simply adopting agile practices; it will show them how to realize the true essence of agility - the agile values.


The tutorial is suitable for a wide variety of people. The ideal audience for this tutorial is a balanced mix of agile coaches or consultants, project managers and developers with different levels of experiences. Executives will benefit from the overall roadmap to agility. Their interest will be in what the overall process of transitioning to agile will look and feel like. The tutorial will help members of agile teams, from managers to developers and testers, remain aware of the bigger picture - the adoption of the agile values and mindset. Internal coaches and consultants will also beneficial from this tutorial, primarily the when discussing the roadmap to agility and the agility assessments.


By the end of this tutorial, participants will:
  • Understand the importance of having a value-driven approach to guide their agile adoption efforts
  • Understand that agile development is about values not just practices.
  • Learn the steps necessary to guide an organization to agility based on a value-based approach
  • Understand and learn how to assess the readiness of an organization for agile practices
  • Experience the effect of having a roadmap to guide your agile adoption efforts, verses haphazard approaches.
  • Learn how a value-based approach to agility can reduce the risk and chaos associated with the transition

Tutorial's History

This tutorial is an enhanced version of a presentation that has been delivered at numerous agile conferences and each time has received phenomenal feedback. Participants enjoyed the hands-on experience as well as the innovate approach to agile adoption at the XP2007 conference as well as the Agile 2007 conference and the Agile Business Conference 2007. The presentation was also delivered as a keynote speech at the eXtreme Project Management and Agile Methods at the University of Virginia. The majority of the audience at that program was senior IT directors, CTOs, as well as a number of CEOs.

Speaker's Bio

As a senior agile consultant with X2A Consulting, Ahmed Sidky helps guide organizations during their transition to agile software development. Dr. Sidky graduated as Valedictorian with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and received an award for the Best Creative Solution while working as an Internet Solution Developer for one of the leading IT corporations in the Middle East. He earned a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Virginia Tech with a research focus on Requirements Engineering. Dr. Sidky then completed his doctorate in Agile Software Development Methodologies and Process Improvement. His latest research is an agile measurement index and a process framework for the adoption of agile practices. Dr. Sidky's work has gained popularity and respect in the agile community as a practical approach for organizations of all types attempting agile adoption efforts. Dr. Sidky is also a reviewer for a number of journals, conferences and publishing houses. He is also frequent contributor to the Agile Journal.


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