Agile Mumbai 2010


Transcending Cultures, Timezones and Countries

How to Scale with Distributed Agile?

During this presentation we'll take you through an exciting journey of key lessons learned from one of the largest agile projects executed at ThoughtWorks which will cover:

  • Key agile principles
  • What challenges comes along with the scale of up to 200+ people with added complexity of distributed location
  • How is it different from other agile projects in terms of planning ahead, release plans, scope management, infrastructure
  • Communication - The most important ingredient for large scale agile projects to be successful
  • What kind of team structure would work best?
  • How to stay focused? How to identify bottlenecks and work through them


Mahesh Baxi, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks India

As Managing Director for ThoughtWorks India, Mahesh is responsible for delivery assurance, capability building, recruiting, HR and customer management. He is a leader with proven success in definition and execution of strategic vision, including more than 16 years of project management, practice management and business development experience. He has extensive experience in executing large enterprise projects with cross functional and global delivery teams situated in multiple geographical locations, resulting in successful on-time delivery of multi-million dollar projects maintaining services profitability margin. In addition, he is also a technology advisor to PSVillage and has contributed to a book titled “Tips from the Trenches".


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