Agile India 2005 (Pune)

Anand Joglekar
Anand Joglekar has been involved in software development, analysis, management and mentoring roles. His interests include processes, programming paradigms and lean thinking.
Conan Dalton
Consultant, BNP Paribas France.
Henry D Jacob
Henry is an architect, designer, and developer and worked in various Product Development and Usability Engineering initiatives. Before joining IonIdea, he founded Lakeside Lab, which provides consulting services for establishing Usability Engineering practices. Visit his blog at for more information.
Hitesh Sanghavi
Mr.Hitesh Sanghavi, Managing Director - CUNIX (SEI Transition Partner for CMMI -SCAMPI(SM)), is an SEI authorized SCAMPI Lead appraiser with a rich experience of 17 years and 1500 man days in IT Consulting ,S/w Test Strategies, Software Process Quality, CMM / CMMI, SPI Consulting, Training and appraisals. He was instrumental in a Key Consulting role for achieving CMM/CMMI/ISO Levels for various IT organizations and leads a team of consultants at CUNIX. He has appraised Netlinksoft and ESSPl for CMMI, and currently preparing several other organizations for CMMI based SPI programs and appraisals. He was also instrumental in CMM/CMMI consulting/assessments activities at Bluestar (CMM-5, CMMI-5) , Orient (ISO and CMM 4), Infrasoft (CMM 5), Lionbridge (ISO and CMM 5), Philips semiconductor and more. Apart from completing his Computer engineering, MBA, LA-ISO, CQA,PMP,NLP his own professional learning experiences in the last 15 years include programs like Software testing, Software Reuse, several SEI certifications and Green Belt 6 sigma. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Mumbai University.
Jitendra Joshi
Jitendra Joshi is a Delivery Manager managing a large Sausage Machine.
Naresh Jain
Naresh is an Agile developer, coach and evangelist. He has over 3 years of industry experience working with enterprise applications mainly in banking and financial services domain. Naresh is the vice chairman for ASCI. He is actively involved with the Open Source Community.
Meet Naresh @
Sagar Patankar
Sagar Patankar is a Solutions Architect in KPIT.
Glenny Thomas
Developer, PharmQuest India.
Parag Shah
Developer, PharmQuest India.
Sudhindra Rao
Sudhindra Rao has been with ThoughtWorks for about a year and has been a Developer. His interests include TDD, Refactoring, Xtreme Programming and Agile Practices.
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy is currently working as Technical Architect at Valtech India. He is a big fan of agile methodology and has over 9 years of experience in the software industry .He is the architect of the Valtech's flag ship product, "Software Factory", which would help the Agile teams to manage projects efficiently. He actively participates in the open source community projects (JSP-WIKI, Contineo, JUnit, etc).
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar is the head of agile practices at Valtech India. This practice has over 150 professionals working actively executing Agile-UP based projects. Mohan has 16 years of industry experience and has worked in several top companies such as Wipro, HCL,etc. Mohan has tremendous experience in building companies, teams and practices from ground up.
V Narayan Raman
Narayan Raman has over five years of industry experience, having developed products ranging from CRM applications to java caching middlewares. He currently is a developer at ThoughtWorks. He developed Sahi as a consequence of the needs he felt in his current project.
Ramesh Adavi
He has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Strategy, with a range of IT solutions companies. He has held several senior level positions with companies like Motorola, Alfa Laval, PSI Data Systems, Modi Olivetti, ORG Systems and Compulink and Digite. In association with Digite and Compulink, Ramesh has provided service execution automation solutions to leading software companies. Ramesh is a founder-member of Sarvetra, a venture which provides solutions that ìdeliver on the promise of RFIDî, including automated security policy enforcement in software operations. Ramesh graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and is also an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
Parag Gokhale
Parag is Director at PharmQuest India. Parag has practiced XP for last six years. He loves to spread the Agile bug by speaking in colleges to cultivate top notch software developers.
Jayakanth Srinivasan
Jayakanth "JK" Srinivasan is a research associate with the Lean Aerospace Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JK holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and graduate degrees in Avionics , and Aeronautics and Astronautics respectively. His research interests in the context of LAI are in the areas of lean information systems development and enterprise architecting. In his role as an affilated research scientist with the Embedded Systems Laboratory (also at MIT), he works on lifecycle frameworks for embedded systems development. His spare time is 'fairly' distributed between cooking, aikibudo, salsa and reading.
Ashish Kumar
Developer, ThoughtWorks India.
Vipul Garg
QA, ThoughtWorks India.
Rolf Russell
Rolf Russell has been in the industry for seven years, in a variety of roles ranging from developer to technical analyst to iteration manager to trainer. He is from the ThoughtWorks London office, currently in Bangalore for the for the Monsoon Session of ThoughtWorks University.
Umar Akhter
Umar Akhter has been in the industry for seven years. He has played a variety of roles from being a developer, analyst, project manager to client principal. He is currently with ThoughtWorks as an analyst/developer, and was one of the key coaches for the Monsoon Session of ThoughtWorks University.
Syed Nayeemuddin
Syed Nayeemuddin is a Project Manager of a team whose responsibilities include understanding customer requirements, developing customer specific adapters, testing and releasing them. As a project leader, Syed Nayeemuddin was part of a group that remodeled the Development Process around XP principles. Syed Nayeemuddin lead a team that developed a new product from scratch using XP.
Abhay Das
Abhay Das is Project and Quality Manager at Subex Systems Limited, Bangalore. He is XP practitioner and is involved in QMS-ISO 9001 in XP development environment.
Dr. Smita Ghaisas
Smita Ghaisas has been working in the field of requirement centric software development at TCS. She is the principal author of MAPAGILE - smart , agile method for application development. She currently leads development of MAP-WayPointer- a tool for active and intelligent process guidance. MAPAGILE has been in use at TCS in many large projects involving enterprise application development and has been adopted as an organizational process by some of our client organizations.
Madhusudhan Rao
Developer, BNP Paribas, India
  Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research [SICSR],

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