Agile Coimbatore 2007

  Agile Coimbatore '07  
  Agile Coimbatore 2007 was held at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore on the 8th of Sep 2007

Agile Coimbatore 2007 was a one day introductory workshop on Agile.

Total conference participation was about 60 people. We had:
  • 12 people from Industry
  • 40 teachers from various Engineering and Diploma colleges
  • 10 students from Engineering and MCA

Workshop Highlights
  - Introduction to Agile Methods to the local Industry and Academia of Coimbatore  
  - Provided an opportunity for people curious about Agile to talk to others who have been there and done that  
  - Agile software development awareness  
  This workshop was organized by the Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) - founded by a group of enthusiastic Agile practitioners from companies that practice Agile Software Development methodologies.  
  Talks by Agile practitioners  
  Informal group discussions on topics of interest to a particular group  
  Presentations available for download from Program Page  
  Workshop Program is now available  
  The workshop was hosted by:  
  PSG College of Technology  
PSG College of Technology

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