Agile Goa 2008

  Agile Goa 08  
  Agile Goa 08 - Two day introductory workshop on Agile was organized and hosted by the Department of Computer Science, Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, on the 25th and 26th Sep 2008.

Agile is among the most discussed topic in the software development community these days. There is a myriad of different approaches, principles, methods and terms, all of which are characterized as ‘Agile’. The purpose of this conference was to introduce Agile concepts from noted Industry Thought Leaders to Software Practitioners, Computer Science Researchers, Faculty members and Students. Mr.Naresh Jain, Vice-chairman of ASCI was the main resource person for the two-day conference.

The two-day Introductory Conference on Agile Methodologies was organized by the Department of Computer Science of S.P.Chowgule College, conducted by ASCI and supported by CSI-Goa Chapter. The conference was well attended by nearly 100 participants comprised of Faculty and Students from over 10 degree and professional colleges in Goa. Besides, there being S/W Practitioners from Goa and two out of station participants who also participated in this conference. The conference thus had a rich variety of audience, well represented and ranging from academicians, students to technocrats from the budding software industry in Goa.

The following is a day wise account of the proceedings of the conference:

Day 1:

The session commenced with a welcome given by the Conveyor of the conference Ms.Sameena Falleiro. Mr.Naresh Jain, the Vice-chairman of ASCI & Quality and Community Evangelist, Directi, conducted the first session titled “Waterfall to Agile demo”. He conducted this session as a group activity and beautifully introduced the Waterfall model and its problems. He then went on to introduce the concept of Agile. Participants had a hand on depicting a project scenario using the traditional approach and the agile principles. This session was well received by the audience. He later conducted a second session titled “Agile Overview” in which he explained the Agile Manifesto, some commonly used terms, rationale, concepts and methodology in Agile and its uses.

The next session in the afternoon titled “Test Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring” was conducted by Mr. Rajamani Ganesan, a Senior Software Developer from Sabre Travel Technologies,Bangalore. He followed up with the concepts of TDD and Refactoring. TDD- Test Driven Development, which emphasizes on writing Tests before writing production code. Mr.Ganesan and Mr.Naresh Jain on Refactoring conducted the last session for the day jointly. Refactoring is a discipline approach for restructuring an existing body of code. This was followed up with a number of demonstrations given on code examples.

Day 2:

The next day began with a session titled “Continuous Code Improvement” given by Mr. Pankaj Chawla, a Senior Member of Consulting Staff at Cadence Design System, Bangalore. In this session he highlighted on how Continuous code improvements leads to better software development and Quality. He explained various concepts as to why, when and how code improvement is done.

Mr. Mayank Gupta, a Manager-Engineering at Global Logic, Noida, conducted the next session for the day titled “Role of QA and Testing in Agile”. He covered topics related to Agile testing, Agile testing practices, Role of tester in Agile. He also showed us a video on Traditional v/s Agile approach to testing.

The post lunch session titled “Agile approach in Teaching” was conducted by Dr. Venkatesh Kamat, Faculty at Goa University.He covered topics on teacher’s and industry’s view, current teaching practices, current evaluation practices, current trends in industry and institution and best practices.

The last session conducted by Mr. Naresh Jain was an open discussion on applying Agile to projects, teaching, and research and discussed some Myths related to Agile.

The conference concluded with a Valedictory function with the Principal of S.P.Chowgule College Dr.R.V.Gaonkar present and Mr.Naresh Jain as the chief guest. Three participants one each representing a faculty, a S/W Practitioner and a Student gave their feedback on the conference. They expressed their openness to this new concept of Agile and the usefulness of the same. They also had some kind comments on the organization of the conference. Later, the Principal gave mementos to the resource persons. Ms.Sameena Falleiro, Convener of the Conference delivered the vote of thanks.
  Audience Profile:  
  Faculty: The Faculty from Goa Institute of Management-Ribandar, Institute of Ship Building Technology-Vasco, Government Polytechnic-Panjim, Department of Computer Science and Technology-Goa University, Dhempe College-Miramar, Government College-Quepem, MES College-Zuarinagar, RIT-Shiroda, PCCE-Verna.

Students: The Students from Degree colleges like Dhempe’s, Quepem,GVM and MES and Professional colleges like PCCE, RIT and MCA also participated.

Others: The S/W Practioners were mainly from S/W firms in Goa like IMMO-Panjim, OPSPL-Verna and Agraj Consultants-Margao.

The Faculty members from the Computer Science Department and T.Y.B.Sc and M.SC-IT students from S.P.Chowgule College too participated in the conference.
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