Agile India 2005 was a huge success. This first of its kind conference in India attracted huge number of Agile Practitioners and enthusiasts from across the industry.
  • Over 300 delegates from the Industry and Academics attended the conference

  • Speakers from more than 10 companies presented their talks on Agile and related topics

  • Delegates from over 70 companies and institutions attended the conference

  Companies worldwide are increasingly adopting agile methods of software development.
The conference aims to:
  Provide a meeting ground for Agile practitioners to share experiences.  
  Provide an opportunity for people curious about Agile to talk to others who have been there and done that.  
  Spread the word about Agile software development  
  This conference is organized by the Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) - founded by a group of enthusiastic practitioners from companies that practice Agile Software Development methodologies.  
Agile India 2005 is our first initiative to reach out to other practitioners and to increase awareness of Agile Methodologies in general. We intend to have periodic meetings and workshops to share experiences from the field and improve our practice. If you'd like to join ASCI in an individual or corporate capacity, please drop an email to [email protected]
  Talks by Agile practitioners  
  Hands on sessions to demonstrate Agile software development practices  
  Informal group discussions on topics of interest to a particular group  
  Conference Photo Gallery now open  
  Talk presentations now available. Click on a talk on Program page.  
  Agile India 2005 conference held on 4th-5th March 2005 at PESIT,Bangalore.  
  Registration Counters open at 8:45 am. Please be there in time.  
  Online Registrations closed on 28th Feb 2005  
  Corporate Registrations closed on 25th Feb 2005  
  Talks submission closed on 17th Feb 2005  
  This event is hosted by the PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.....  

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