Abhay Chandra Das
Abhay has over 9 years of experience in software development. He is involved in various activities like system analysis, implementation and support and ofcourse development. In his current role at Subex, Abhay is the internal lead assessor for ISO 9000/2000 certification audits. Abhay's interests include XP, agile testing and quality management systems.
Ajay Danait
Ajay is working with Valtech India since a year. He is working in the role of a lead developer and designer for Valtech offshore projects. He comes with a background of 6 years industry experience in J2EE applications and also is a Oracle Certified Professional. He has past experience working with CMMI Level 5 companies which have been implementing waterfall SDLC to execute projects. Since joining Valtech, he has practised Agile in different projects and founded Agile Mentoring Group, an internal group which trains and mentors resources joining Agile projects and also improvises/customizes various Agile practices for Valtech India.
Avik Sengupta
Avik Sengupta, currently CTO at Itellix Software Solutions, has over a decade's experience designing and developing software for the financial services industry. He is a long time contributor to many open source projects, and has written and spoken often on technology topics.
Bret Pettichord
Bret Pettichord is director of testing practice at ThoughtWorks, Inc. He co-authored Lessons Learned in Software Testing and frequently writes articles about agile testing and test automation. Mr. Pettichord has over fifteen years of software testing and development experience. He is also a consulting researcher to the Center for Software Testing at the Florida Institute of Technology. He is a contributor to the Watir and Selenium open-source testing tool. Mr. Pettichord has system administration skills for Windows and Unix/Linux systems. Visit his website at www.pettichord.com
Dakshinamurthy Karra (KD)
With more than 15 years of software development experience, KD has been playing a lead role in design & development of software products at Subex. In his current role, Dakshinamurthy handles the Research and Development efforts of Subex along with new product planning. He has also been instrumental in introducing Extreme Programming in Subex to improve the software development processes. KD is involved in quite a few opensource projects. He is one of the founding members of Linux-India user group. Eventhough he believes in both agile and opensource, he is of the firm belief that both are different concepts.
Fred George
Fred George is a consultant with over thirty-seven years experience in the industry including nearly twenty years doing object programming and seven years doing XP. A veteran of the IBM-Microsoft wars, Fred did early work in computer networking, LAN's, GUI's and objects for IBM. As an independent consultant from 1991-2003, he counted HP, Morgan-Stanley, American Express, IBM, and USAA among his clients. He gave the first XP experience report at OOPSLA about an embedded system done in Java, and has mentored many clients in use of objects in Java under an XP process. He has shared the stage at JavaOne with Martin Fowler, acting as his foil, and assisted in XP Immersion sessions with Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, and Robert Martin. Fred spent a year as a visiting lecturer at N.C. State University teaching Java programming to over 800 undergraduates, with a generous dose of object design, patterns, and XP practices thrown in. Fred joined ThoughtWorks in 2003, and is currently working for them in their India office, delivering yet more projects using agile processes. He believes in objects, lean processes, fun in programming, and the client's successes. He holds a bachelors degree from N. C. State University in Computer Science, and a masters degree from MIT in the Management of Technology.
Henry D Jacob
Henry is an architect, designer, and developer and worked in various Product Development and Usability Engineering initiatives. Before joining IonIdea, he founded Lakeside Lab, which provides consulting services for establishing Usability Engineering practices. Visit his blog at www.henryjacob.com for more information.
Luke Barrett
Luke Barrett - Luke is an interaction and interface designer who has worked for over nine years building and designing software applications for use by a wide variety of end-users. Working for clients, both large and small, Luke has designed applications delivered by kiosk, web, DTV as well as rich client. A consultant with ThoughtWorks he is currently focused on how best to apply design and usability thinking to Agile projects - in particular though the use of visual modelling techniques (e.g. low fidelity prototyping). Luke has also contributed to projects in the role of business analyst and is particularly interested in the intersection of design, usability and analysis.
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar is the head of agile practices at Valtech India. This practice has over 150 professionals working actively executing Agile-UP based projects. Mohan has 16 years of industry experience and has worked in several top companies such as Wipro, HCL,etc. Mohan has tremendous experience in building companies, teams and practices from ground up.
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen, is a Senior Developer at ThoughtWorks Inc. He has spent the last three years introducing agile concepts to client teams in Canada and the United States, working on a mixture of green-field and legacy systems in the energy, healthcare and financial domains in both Java and .NET platforms. He holds both a B.A. in Communications Studies and a Diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology from the University of Calgary, Canada.
Mridul Jain
Mridul was part of the team that built Thunder, at the time the second most powerful super computer in the world, for Lawrence Livermore Labs. He is at present Engineering Manager at Yahoo, Bangalore.
Naresh Jain
Naresh is an Agile developer and coach. He has over 2 years of industry experience working with enterprise applications mainly in banking & financial services. He is actively involved with the Open Source Community and has been as part of the Bangalore Linux Conference. Naresh holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Science and Engineering from B.M.S College of Engg, Bangalore. He also has some experience as a part-time training faculty in computers.
Owen Rogers
Owen is an XP developer, coach and evangelist. He has over 9 years of industry experience working in a wide variety of different countries and has spent the last 4 years building effective XP teams. While he is largely technology-agnostic, he is primarily a .NET developer and maintains a number of open source .NET projects aimed to support Agile development.
Premshree Pillai
Premshree Pillai has been programming for the past five years. He's currently a Technical Yahoo! in the Market Innovation Group at Yahoo!, Bangalore. He has been hacking on various programming languages since his college years. He evangelizes the use of Ruby. He writes articles for a number of magazines (online and offline), including Information Technology (i.t.). His name (and software) has appeared in Chip, Hindustan Times, and BBC World. Some of his codes are going to be published in the upcoming, second edition of 'Python Cookbook' (O'Reilly).
Ravi Mohan
Ravi Mohan is the CTO of ExpertCraft, a niche Product Development and software R&D consultancy. He has more then 10 years experience in the software industry in India and the United States. He broke away from enterprise software development to focus on the application of agile tools and techniques to Product Development and Scientific Software with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence and Language Processors.
Santosh S
Santosh graduated from Karnatak University, Dharwad with a bachelor's degree in engineering has around 6 years experience in IT in the telecom application domain. Working for Subex Systems Ltd, as a Project Manager and is one of the active developers on the Marathon Acceptance Tool. His areas of interest include the Java Programming Language, UI Design and Wireless Technologies.
Soumendra Kumar Das (SKD)
SKD is an Associate Director with Ness Technologies and has employed Agile Techniques effectively in a product development life cycle. He is currently responsible for engineering management of 3 Managed labs in automobile retail, contact management and real estate domains at Ness. SKD has extensive experience on software project management and product development, has been instrumental in establishing Extended Product development labs using RUP and Agile methodologies. Distributed Product Development using Hybrid Agile methodology
Sriram Narayan
Sriram is a recent convert to Agile methods of software development. He has six years of industry experience primarily around server-side Java technologies.
Suresh Harikrishnan
Suresh Harikrishnan is a developer at ThoughtWorks. He is a recent convert to Agile Methodologies. He has around 5 years of experience in enterprise applications involving a variety of technologies.
Syed Nayeemuddin
Syed is a Project Manager of a team whose responsibilities include understanding customer requirements, developing customer specific adapters, testing and releasing them. Syed Nayeemuddin led a team that first experimented XP @ Subex and later on was part of a group that remodeled the Development Process around XP principles. With over 9 years of experience, Syed has worked in various roles in software development.
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy is currently working as Technical Architect at Valtech India. He is a big fan of agile methodology and has over 9 years of experience in the software industry .He is the architect of the Valtech's flag ship product, "Software Factory", which would help the Agile teams to manage projects efficiently. He has extensive experience working with companies like IBM, AOL-Time Warner, etc. He actively participates in the open source community projects (JSP-WIKI, Contineo, JUnit, etc).
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