Agile NCR 2008

  Agile NCR 2008 Conference  
  Agile NCR 2008 was hosted by Ansal Institute of Technology, Gurgaon on the 8th March 2008

Agile NCR 2008 was the first one day conference in NCR.

Agile Methods are creating a buzz in the software development community and have recently gained widespread popularity. Agile Methods are a reaction to traditional ways of developing software and acknowledge the need for an alternative to documentation driven, heavyweight software development processes. Industry and technology move too fast, requirements change at rates that swamp traditional methods and customers have become increasingly unable to definitively state their needs up front while, at the same time, expecting more from their software. As a result, several consultants have independently developed methods and practices to respond to the inevitable change they were experiencing. These Agile Methods are actually a collection of different techniques (or practices) that share the same values and basic principles.

The purpose of this conference was to address this interest and provide a comprehensive overview of the current State-of-the-Art, as well as State-of-the-Practice, for Agile Methods.

Target Audience
  - Practitioners: who will be interested in the discussion of the different methods and their applications  
  - Researchers: who may want to focus on the empirical studies and lessons learned  
  - Educators: looking to teach and learn more about Agile Methods  
  This conference was organized by the Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) with the help of folks from Xebia IT Architects India Private Limited.  
  Talks by Agile practitioners  
  Informal group discussions on topics of interest to a particular group  
  Final program schedule is up.  
  Conference News Letter  
  Registrations are closed  
  Pete Deemer to deliver the Keynote  

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