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Sprint Reviews in Distributed Agile

During this session Judith will share her experience about the reality of a distributed Agile team and their challenges. The model that CDC Software has come up with to meet this challenge and the success story that this model has resulted in.

Date and Time: 17th Feb, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Venue: CDC Software, UB City, Canberra Block, 6th Floor

RSVP Merlyn Jyothi to attend this session.

Thanks to CDC Software for hosting and sponsoring this event.

Judith’s profile:

Judith is the Vice President of Product Operations for CDC Software, a provider of enterprise software products designed to help businesses across the world become customer-driven market leaders. Judith has responsibility for taking the entire product engineering organization Agile, and is a year and a half into that process and over half way through the product lines.

Due to the pre-existing distributed teams, we have had to be creative with our approach, while adhering to the fundamental Agile philosophies. We have had many a misstep along the way, and have learned a lot about what not to do, but we have greatly increased our speed-to-market and the satisfaction level of our team, so we are convinced that we are successfully evolving into a global Agile organization.

Judith is a Certified Scrum Master.

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