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Agile Software Community of India
  Currently, we are planning to reorganize Agile India board and new membership is put on hold till then.
Thank you for your cooperation.
  To spread awareness about Agile among the IT community, ASCI solicits support from Agile Practitioners and Enthusiasts.  
  You can become a member of ASCI and start contributing to the community. We have the following membership schemes.  
Membership Schemes* Membership Fee
Individual Membership Rs 1,000 only
Corporate Membership Rs 5,000 only

  * - Above membership schemes are life time membership.  
  As a member you have the following benefits:  
  • The ability to organize programs that are sponsored by ASCI
  • The ability to volunteer to work on all ASCI programs
  Member responsibilities will include voting for new board members and any other items on agenda at annual meetings.

Any member is eligible to formulate, propose and organize a program within ASCI.

We are at present working on a framework for enabling such program organization and will be published shortly on this website.

Corporate membership:
  Corporate and institutional membership comes with several other added benefits.
  • One nominee from your organization will be eligible for all normal member benefits (including voting rights)
  • Inclusion in the Corporate Members' List on the ASCI website.
  • Permission to announce your ASCI Corporate membership on your corporate website.
  • Any corporation that sponsors any ASCI hosted conference (min 1 lakh) gets to become a corporate member automatically and their corporate logo will be displayed on the Corporate Members page of ASCI website.

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