XP Day Goa 2010


Don't Be A Process Slave

In this interactive, simulation-based session, Naresh will demonstrate how strictly following a process can cause more harm than good to your software development. We'll take a Critical Look at various Software Development Methodologies. Finally we'll wrap this session with Naresh sharing his views on the Road Ahead.

Speaker: Naresh Jain

Functional Web Application Testing in an XP project using Sahi

In this talk, we will explore why we need functional testing in an XP project, what the major hurdles are, and how we can address them in a web development project using Sahi. The talk includes a live demo and lots of examples.

Speaker: Narayan Raman

Evolutionary Design: The Refactoring Way

Using a live demo Saurabh will explain how to improve the Design of Existing Code using Safe Methods like Refactoring.

Speaker: Saurabh Arora

Built to Last

We've all bought those "Learn Programming in 24 hours" books and found ourselves miserable, struggling to achieve the task at hand. We've also burnt our hands by trying to fool ourselves by taking various shortcuts to become a great software professional. By now most successful programmers have realized that in the software world there is no shortcut to heaven. In this short session, Naresh will share his insights on what are the traits of these highly Effective Software Rockstars? What do they do differently that sets them a class-apart.

Speaker: Naresh Jain

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